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Wheatgrass Tablets

Committed to purity, we bring forth highly effective Wheatgrass Tablets. Wheatgrass Tablets are the natural supplement, having several health benefits. Wheatgrass Tablets clean the lymph system, builds the blood, restores balance in the body, removes toxic metals from the cells, nourishes the liver and kidneys and restores vitality. Wheatgrass Tablets are useful for all age groups. Wheatgrass Tablets are the preventive and curative medicines for all health problems that may lead to serious diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol or life threatening cancer, thalassemia and AIDS.


Availability : Nutritional values maintained. Processed in hi tech machines and packed in sachets as per daily requirements.

Highlights :

  • Processed and packed with insoluble dietary fibers.
  • Grown from high quality graded seeds without chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Hygienic packing to maintain potency and prevent deterioration

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