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Coenzyme Q-10 Supplement

Our valued clients can avail from us Coenzyme Q-10 Supplement. Coenzyme Q-10 Supplement is formulated for people suffering from angina, heart attack and hypertension. Coenzyme Q-10 Supplement has EPA DHA. Coenzyme Q-10 Supplement is decreases the risk of additional heart problems. Regular consumption of Coenzyme Q-10 Supplement slows down the progression of Huntington’s disease. Coenzyme Q-10 Supplement also prevents migraine headache and blood vessel complications caused by heart bypass surgery

Other Benefits :

  • Some research shows that taking Coenzyme Q-10 Supplement might slow decline in people with early Parkinson’s disease. However, taking a coenzyme Q-10 supplement in people with mid-stage Parkinson’s disease does not seem to improve symptoms.
  • Muscular dystrophy is an inherited disorder involving muscle wasting. Taking coenzyme Q-10 by mouth seems to improve physical performance in some patients with muscular dystrophy.

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